Shampoo Better

Hello TruBeauties, 

Shampooing is an important part of your daily or weekly routine, but who knew, there is a better way to do it! We collaborated some of our best tips to help you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Shampooing the right way or even incorporating a few of these tips into your routine will help your hair keep that bounce and luster. 

1. Use a Brush- Healthy hair starts before you even step foot in the shower. Brushing your hair before you jump in helps reduce the hair buildup in your drain, distribute natural oils throughout your hair and kick starts the stimulation at the scalp. 

2. Warm is Better than Hot- Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water. Warm water causes less damage on your locks and will keep your hair from drying out as quickly. 

3. Start Light- Use a dime to quarter size of shampoo. Too much can be overkill! Lather it from root to end. If you have really long hair add some more to cover all of your hair. 

TIP: Don't twist or bunch your hair on top of your head. This actually causes more tangles and knots for after the shower. 

4. Massage- We all love a good massage so why not treat yourself. Consider shampooing a time to give yourself some much needed stress relief. Massages the scalp with your finger tips (not your nails), moving in circular motions. This helps increase blood circulation, helping to maintain scalp health. 

5. Wash it Out- After your spa like experience, its time to wash it out. Make sure you rinse all of the shampoo along with the grime and dirt you didn't know you had. Your hair will be primed and ready to soak in any conditioner or treatment. 

6. Condition Wisely- Apply conditioner mid-length to end, focus on ends that are damaged. You don't want to use too much conditioner on the scalp because the natural oils will take care of keeping the hair closest to your scalp moisturized. Rinse out with cool water to seal those hair cuticles, making hair less frizzy and more manageable. 

These tips will keep your hair cleaner for longer, allowing you to space shampoos out. Chelsea recommends washing every other to every third day. This prevents over stripping and reduces damage caused by blow drying and styling as well. 

And ladies, we know it can be hard to make it a few days without a washing... that's why we created New Do Dry Shampoo. Use this invisible powder shampoo to keep your scalp feeling fresh. It also provides some extra lift! 

With love from the TRUHAIR team.