Short and Healthy Hair

Everyone's going short this season. That's right, short hair is in... but don't worry we aren't talking pixie, anything shoulder length and shorter is going to make a statement. If you are anything like us, going short is frightening! Cutting it off never crossed your mind. I mean, you worked hard to get all this length so how do we cut any of it off! Well think of it this way, as we style our hair we damage the ends. This is your chance to shorten up the look so your hair looks fresh and healthy. 

Sometimes our hair takes the back seat to our expensive face creams and body lotions, but truthfully, you have to take care of those locks. You may gasp the first time you shampoo your hair after cutting it, thinking, "Where did it go?" We are here for you, its going to grow back, but this time, let's take care of it. 

Here are three tips to live by for healthy hair: 

1. Take a break from washing- Dry shampoo was invented for a reason. Shampoo every other, to every third day, to keep your hair full of those natural healthy oils that make it sexy and smooth. New Do Dry Shampoo is a great way to keep your hair looking great in between washes!


2. Mask It- We never really understood why they call it a mask because a deep conditioning mask doesn't actually "mask" anything, it allows your hair to maintain its moisture making it manageable and smooth. Use a deep conditioner once a week so your true hair shines through. 

3. Protein- It's not just for men! Diets high in protein will help feed you hair health increasing hair strength and body.  

Try something new this year! If you have short hair, make sure you take care of it. If you are thinking of making the leap to short hair, have fun! If you are sticking with your current style, we support you no matter what, but we would love to see how you look with a chic bob.