Glitter roots are a trend that blew up last year as a perfect way to add a fun kick to your look. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora were all over it (sporting red, blue, silver, gold, and purple glitter roots) Since festival season (or any other excuse for Fun-with-a-capital F hair) is quickly approaching, you’ll be happy to hear that magazines like Allure say this style isn’t going anywhere in 2017.

Why are we so in love with the whole glitter roots thing?

  • It works like a cool accessory for every occasion where you want to give your hair a glam makeover: Holidays, check. Dates, check. Birthdays, check. And believe it or not—work parties, check.
  • It works on all hair colors, even pastel.
  • You can customize your style: Add a little fine glitter here and there, or go crazy and have chunky glitter all over.
  • And did we mention how cool glitter roots look with braids?

Whatever direction you take, the secret to pulling off this super-stylized look is easy. Be confident and just. own. it.

Here are 10 glitter-roots hair tutorials to get you started:


This tutorial shows you how to style glitter roots three different ways (with a major nod to ‘90s girl bands) and is proof that this trend looks great even if some glitter falls from your part onto the rest of your hair. Want to spice up this already kind-of-crazy look? A zig-zag part will do it.


Our fave tip from this video: Glitter roots look best when you use both fine and chunky glitter. Going over your roots multiple times to create multi-colored layers will maximize the entire visual effect. To speed up the drying process, this blogger suggests using a blow dryer in between layers.


Want a step-by-step on how to create a hairstyle as striking as your glitter color? Check out this tutorial. It features a combo of both a zigzag part, braids and space buns (yes, you may need to enlist help from a friend) and gives examples of how you can add additional glitter (even huge sparkly stars) to your look.


Ideas we love from this video: The cute little stars she places around her glitter part to increase the sparkle. And how she shows you don’t have to have perfectly symmetrical or shaped buns to pull off this awesomeness. In fact, messy buns are perfectly acceptable—even preferred.


Don’t know how to create dutch braids? This tutorial is for you! This blogger does a great job at explaining exactly how to produce that fun, messy hairstyle before you add any glitter to your roots. And her silver star stickers? So cute.


Ever think of spraying hairspray on a toothbrush? Neither did we. This ingenious idea helps you easily control those specific problem areas you might have when styling your hair. This tutorial also shows you how you can easily use clip in hair extensions to add extra volume to your space buns. And the dark blue + silver sparkles = nice final touch.


This unique tutorial shows you how to use hair wax instead of gel to apply your glitter, a smart way to avoid having your hair get too dry and hard. Plus, a fun tip for dark brown or black hair: use gold or rose-gold glitter for a pretty, casual vibe.


Surprise—this “new” trend of glitter roots isn’t actually new at all! This hair blogger says that she actually used to rock this look back in the ’80s and ‘90s and is all too happy that it’s on-trend once again. She shows you different ways to wear glitter roots in a rainbow of colors and styles, even helping you achieve what she calls “mythical radness” with the “Unicorn Topknot.”


This video shows you how to do a low-key, sophisticated glitter part—yup, such a thing does exist! This blogger has great ideas on how to make sure your glitter stays only in your part (tape is involved) and why eyeliner can do double-duty in your hair. Believe it or not, we can even see this look going to a work party.


If you, like us, have never actually wanted to turn into a mermaid (that whole tail thing would be a drag after awhile) but kind of like the long, wavy tresses they all seem to have, this tutorial gives you all the tips and tricks you need to get your hair there. There are extensions involved. And of course glitter—lots of it. (She also gives advice on makeup and rocks a glam sequined frock.) 

And now that you’ve learned exactly one zillion ways to play with glitter roots, we’ll give you one way to wash it all out. It’s all about conditioner. Shampoo your hair like normal, then simply massage a lot of conditioner into your scalp along the part where the glitter is. Allow this to set for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse. Voila—no more glitter! If you’re still finding unwanted glitter a few days later, you can spray a paper towel with some hairspray and gently dab the area where the glitter is. That should get rid of the rest of the sparkle.