If there’s one thing that causes women immense fear it’s losing our hair. We are certainly WAY more than the hair on our head. I mean we are woman, hear us roar....YES. But we love our hair! It’s one of our most core means of self expression.

The causes of thinning hair in women are unfortunately out of our control; heredity, hormonal changes, medications, and you guessed it, stress.

Here are a few things we CAN do however to help:

Use gentle products without harmful sulfates, parabens, and chemicals. Don't forget to check labels and consider giving FROTHY a try, our newest sulfate free scalp exfoliating shampoo.

Use less heat and tools that don’t damage your hair. Give our blowout creme Raise the Roots 2.0 a try. It packs a ton of volume without a ton of heat. Plus it contains a restorative Keratin-Argania Complex to smooth and hydrate. (Muy bueno)

Protect against the sun. Try our Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray with UV protection, to lock in styling and shield your hair from harmful rays. And don't forget to apply sunscreen to your part!