There may in fact be nothing more frustrating than realizing your hair color has totally faded to an unacceptable shade less than a week after seeing your stylist. How to keep your color (and your pockets) rich.

Here are some easy to-do's:

Let it sink in - Don't shampoo for 72 hours after getting color, longer if possible but we'll touch on that later.

No Sulfates! - Then the KEY is that when you do shampoo again regularly you MUST use Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioners. Give FROTHY our newest sulfate free moisturizing shampoo a try.

Use COLD Water - Hot water opens the cuticle allowing color to wash out. Use slightly warm water to wash, and then cold water after conditioning to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle.

Wash Less Often - The ideal is once a week but at least try to go ~3 days. The less we wash the less our hair gets the chance to be stripped. Try Volcanic Volume dry shampoo paste to extend your hair a couple days.

Avoid Chlorine - Last but not least, avoid the pools ladies! Chlorine is a bleaching agent and will strip your hair color in seconds. Stay away.