Whipped Masking Bundle
Whipped Masking Bundle
Whipped Masking Bundle

Whipped Masking Bundle

Whipped + Hair Towel

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  1. MASK - Whipped Creamy Conditioner
    Apply all over your hair giving a little extra attention to ends and damaged areas.
  2. WRAP IT UP - Coral Velvet Hair Towel
    Twist your hair into our fluffy, super-absorbent and quality hair wrap to hold your hair in place for 10-15 minutes.
  3. RINSE
    Rinse your hair, ending with cold water to seal in moisture. Dry as you like.

Deep condition and repair your hair with our Whipped Cream Conditioner. Nano-encapsulated ceramides and vitamin E go to work on repairing breakage and split ends.

Whipped Masking Bundle

1X Whipped Moisturizing Nano-encapsulated Cream Conditioner ($26)

1X Coral Velvet Plush Hair Towel ($14)


  • For extra scalp care and moisture use with Frothy Moisturizing Micro-bubble Exfoliating Shampoo.
  • For intense repair, apply on dry hair focusing on damaged areas and ends. Shampoo and condition as usual, rinse with cold water.

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